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Instead of Panicking on Brexit, Buy These Stocks

Great Britain's decision to leave the European Union may alter the way Europe does business, but U.S. investors should not view it as a complete game changer.
9 Best Products for Natural Hair

We enlisted our favorite natural hair bloggers, vloggers and product junkies to share what edge tamers, conditioners and hair mists are must-haves for natural hair
Out-of-State Students Helping to Keep In-State College Tuition Low in the Golden State

State higher ed aid cuts in the aftermath of the great recession continue to have an impact.
The Only Way to Wear Ankle Boots This Season

From the Tory Burch runway to Jennifer Aniston running errands, this surprising styling trick is everywhere
Is The Market Rally Real? Cramer Says Use Broadcom as a Bellwether

If this stock doesn't rally, then the market rally isn't real, Cramer says.
Meet KFC's New Colonel Sanders

KFC has a new Colonel Sanderssort of. Actor George Hamilton (who, his Wikipedia page notes, "is, perhaps, most famous for his debonair style and his perfect and perpetual suntan") will play the "Extra Crispy Colonel" in ads for the chain's Extra Crispy Chicken. "Extra Crispy Chicken is fried to...
Billy Joel, Cuomo Launch Motorcycle Ride

New York's governor will ride alongside music icon Billy Joel in a statewide motorcycle ride to raise awareness about breast cancer before signing legislation that expands access to screenings for the disease. Gov. Andrew Cuomo will begin his ride Monday morning at Sunken Meadow Park on Long Island, reports the...
Finding a Safe Harbor in the Office When Talk Turns Political

Is it ever safe - and smart - to speak your political mind on the job? Here's what you need to know.
Here Is What Your Health Care Actually Costs Each Year

While your out-of-pocket health care costs are lower than they were, they're still substantial for older folks. Start saving now.
Americans Love Getting Paper Statements, But Should They Pay a Fee for Them?

Over 90 million U.S. financial consumers love their bank and credit card statements, and 50% said they'll pay to get them.
See where Kourtney and Kim 'took' Miami

This former home of the Kardashians was on the market for $14.5 million.
Survey: Most millennials reject credit cards

Wary of debt, young adults are the least likely to own a credit card, our survey shows.
Why America's Advantage Is Innovation (CHKP, GHDX)

Learn about the reasons why America has an advantage in regards to innovation. Discover three key innovation themes that are likely to experience growth.
Are Alternative Investments better than Stocks?

A fundamental yet challenging risk management technique of effective portfolio structuring is diversification.
Bluegrass Legend Ralph Stanley Dies

Ralph Stanley, a patriarch of Appalachian music who with his brother Carter helped expand and popularize the genre that became known as bluegrass, died Thursday, the AP reports. He was 89. Stanley died at his home in Sandy Ridge, Va., because of difficulties from skin cancer, his publicist says. Stanley...
Why You Should Stick with Stocks over the Long Term

Over the long term, it pays to stick with stocks, despite the inevitable bouts of volatility that wrack stock markets from time to time.
Hungry Teen Asks for Doughnuts, Gets $270K

Matt White was grocery shopping in Memphis, Tenn., when 16-year-old Chauncy Jones asked if he could carry White's groceries to the 30-year-old's car in exchange for a pack of doughnuts. Little did Chauncy know that he was about to change his life. He told White that he had taken a...
How This App Helped Me Finally Stop Procrastinating

With 30/30, I plow through my to-do list in 30-minute bursts.
If you're bummed about your income, join the crowd

Impatience with income has led to awavering sense offinancial security in the U.S.
Here's when it makes sense to refinance a personal loan

If you're thinking about refinancing a personal loan, check these factors first.
Gear Up for the Great Outdoors

From hiking boots to lightweight clothing, all the gear you need to enjoy the great outdoors all summer long.
Mortgage rates rise amid Brexit uncertainty

Mortgage rates move up as Brexit vote unsettles financial markets.
How 6 Olympic Athletes Deal with the Pressure

If keeping calm under pressure was an Olympic sport, these athletes would all be gold medalists. Watch the video to hear from Olympic athletes like Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, and others on how they stay cool in the face of fierce competition, the global spotlight and…oh, the hopes of an entire nation.
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'Game Changer': Giant Helium Field Found in Tanzania
What scientists are calling a "game changer" for society has been discovered deep in Tanzania's Rift Valley: a massive helium gas field with enough of the precious commodity to fill more than 1.2 million MRI scanners, Phys.org reports. Besides the sheer amount of gas, the discovery is notable... More >
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'Toxic' Mom Called Family Meeting Before Opening Fire
Chilling details are continuing to surface in the shooting that left a mother and her two daughters dead in Texas. Authorities say Christy Sheats called a "family meeting" on Friday— her husband's birthday —and opened fire on daughters Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, with a five-shot, .38-caliber handgun after the... More >
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