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A Muni Opportunity; Hoping for a Greek Stay (in Eurozone); Google Goes Apple-Picking: Best of Kass

In highlights from this week's trading diary, Kass sees opportunity in municipal bonds, warns against a Greek exit from the EU and finds value in agriculture and a Google app.
Dare: 1 Palette, 2 Office Looks

Is it really possible to look polished and professional with so few products? We're going to find out ...
Why Bank Branches Are at Risk for Disappearing (but Will Never Go Away Entirely)

There's been a 40% decline in U.S. bank branches since 1991 and a projected continuing decline of 25% by 2018.
7 Waterproof Makeup Picks You'll Actually Love

Make a splash with these pool party-approved picks
The 10 Worst Cities to Enjoy a Summer 'Staycation'

Thinking about taking a summer "staycation"? Hopefully you don't live in California, despite its myriad of tourist-friendly and nature loving cities and towns.
Toddler Kicked Off Flight for Making Staff Feel 'Unsafe'

Sarah Blackwood says her 23-month-old son was "grumpy" when she boarded a flight from San Francisco to Vancouver on Wednesday nightbut not grumpy enough to endanger aviation. Blackwood, a singer in Canadian band Walk Off the Earth, tells the Hamilton Spectator that she was kicked off United Airlines Flight...
The Duggar Lesson: Stop This Reality Exploitation

Boy, those Duggars were fun to watcheven hate-watchuntil things got creepy . Same with Honey Boo Boo . And Duck Dynasty . Enough already, pleads Kevin Fallon in a post at the Daily Beast whose headline advocates the "end of hicksploitation on TV." When doling out blame to the particular families...
Buy or Lease? Your Decision Is a Few Simple Questions Away

Deciding whether to lease or buy a car may seem intimidating, but answering a few simple questions will help you make the correct decision.
Most Big Auto Insurers Are Just Taking Advantage of Your Low-Mileage Driving

Auto insurance companies seem to be taking low-risk drivers for granted, but consumers aren't standing for it.
Why Hotels Are Eliminating Check-in and Check-out Times

In some cases, technology is the force behind guest-friendly policy changes. In other hotels, management has simply decided that guests deserve to be in control.
Will used-car maintenance bust my budget?

Here's how to figure how much money you'll spend on used-car upkeep.
Should I invest my emergency stash of cash?

Now that the bulls are back on Wall Street, should I invest my emergency cash?
The 3 Key Numbers Plug Power Investors Must Know

Many see hydrogen fuel cells as the wave of the future, and industry pioneer Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) certainly hopes that hydrogen will catch on as a more popular fuel for a wide variety of applications. The stock has been volatile lately, as investors have their emotions whipsawed between the huge potential market Plug Power has and the company's struggles to realize that potential.
Which REITs pay the highest dividends?

Find out more about real estate investment trusts and which ones have dividend yields greater than 15% for the year 2015.
Mariah Carey Says Idol Was 'Worst' Thing She's Done

To say Mariah Carey did not love her experience as an American Idol judge would be a bit of an understatement. "That was the worst experience of my life," Carey said in a recent interview on Australia's Kyle and Jackie O radio show picked up by ETOnline . The hosts wanted...
The 3 Key Numbers PotashCorp Investors Must Know

The fertilizer industry has run both hot and cold over the years, and PotashCorp(NYSE: POT) has been at the forefront of the sector's resulting volatility. The company's stock hasn't made much progress in recovering its lost ground since 2013, but PotashCorp has plenty of long-term potential thanks to the positive fundamentals in the agricultural industry.
Hotel Ejects 30 Guests After Waffle Argument

Authorities say a dispute between two women over a waffle maker led to 30 people being booted from a western Michigan hotel. The Muskegon Chronicle reports a Mason County sheriff's deputy stood by Sunday morning as guests were ordered to pack their bags at the Americas Best Value Inn in...
15 Eating Habits That Make You Live Longer

Eat to 100: Discover the secrets to living long (and well) from the world's healthiest people.
How can I deduct my home equity line of credit?

Whether or not you can deduct the interest on home equity depends on several factors.
Get coins counted: Don't break the bank

Saving your pennies (and other coins)? Don't throw away money by paying for coin counting.
The Best Healthy Burger Recipes

Our healthy burgers, made with fresh salmon, lean beef, and lentils, are perfect for a go-to summer meal.
Avoid rate shock from variable-rate HELOC

Have a variable-rate home equity line of credit? Consider refinancing and locking in a lower rate.
Gwyneth Paltrow's Go-To Workout Moves

Paltrow's favorite moves for defining arms, core, and legs and creating a firm, feminine physique in no time flat.
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Rand Paul: I'm Going to Let Patriot Act Expire
It's all but guaranteed now: The NSA's authorization to collect telephone data on Americans is going to end tomorrow—at least for a few days. That became clear when Rand Paul told Politico that he will block an extension the Patriot Act as well as progress on a related House... More >
Latest News
Dying Son Saves His Mother's Life
A woman in suburban in Chicago received a kidney transplant this month that turned out to be a near perfect match, and a life-saving one. But Rose Perry's good fortune is tempered by tragedy: The kidney came from her son, a 24-year-old who suffered a stroke out of the blue... More >
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