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5 Breakout Trades to Buy Now

These five technical setups are showing solid potential right now.
The Best Bath Bomb for Every Occasion

Who knew a bath bomb could do so much? Here, our top 12 picks for de-stressing, energizing, moisturizing and more
The New Mortgage Process Will Require a Houseful of Patience

Streamlined mortgage documents make it easier for a buyers to see if the loan they were quoted is the loan they're getting. However, it takes time to get them right.
The Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes That Will Probably Change Your Life

The Artis Elite Makeup Brush Collection is beautiful, no doubt. But will it really up your makeup game?
Roku 4 Is Continuing to Help Cord Cutters -- Here's How

Private electronics maker Roku is coming out with an updated version of its popular streaming media player, looking to take a bigger chunk out of the already-troubled pay-TV market.
Brian Austin Green to Megan Fox: Spousal Support, Please

Looks like Megan Fox might have to pay for having the more successful careerBrian Austin Green filed his own divorce papers Tuesday after Fox filed hers last month, and in them, he asks for spousal support from Fox. As TMZ reports, things are pretty amicable at this point, with...
Tupac's Letter Explaining 'Thug Life Is Dead': $225K

After Tupac Shakur declared from jail in 1995 that "Thug Life ... is dead," he explained himself in an emotional letter to Nina Bhadreshwar, a staffer at his record label, Death Row Records. That five-page letter is now for sale for $225,000 from Moments In Time , the New York Post...
Going into Debt for Less in a Money Crunch

When money is tight, consumers often turn to various debt sources until they receive their next paycheck when an emergency arises to pay for expenses such as rent.
Housing Shortages And Childcare Challenges Plague Families in Most Expensive Areas

Living in one of these vacation destinations may sound like a dream come true, but how much money does it take to live a comfortable life?
Social Security Insecurity Plagues Americans Eyeing Retirement

When it comes to peoples Social Security benefits and how theyre determined, most feel completely in the dark.
For sale: Babe Ruth's former NY apartment

The Great Bambino himself once lived in this Upper West Side home.
Is it wise to use home seller's preferred lender?

The seller wants you to get a mortgage from a specific lender. When is it a good idea?
Credit Suisse Says Markets in \"Full Blown\" Panic

The quarter ending in September was gripped by extreme volatility, as investors worried about the Federal Reserves impending rate hike, a slowdown in global economy, especially in China, low commodity prices and declining investor confidence.
Top 5 Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

Understand what a hedge fund is and why hedge fund managers make so much money. Learn about the top 5 highest paid hedge fund managers.
CEO of Ralph Lauren: No Longer Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is handing off his CEO title of the fashion and home decor empire that he founded nearly 50 years ago. The New York-based company announced Tuesday that Stefan Larsson, who has been the global president of Gap's low-price Old Navy chain for three years, will take on the...
Social Security COLA in 2016? Not Likely

A cost of living increase for Social Security doesn't look likely in 2016. Here's what retirees should know and what they can do about it.
Ashley Madison Punked Public With Fake Female CEOs

At least three women were hired by Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life Media to pose as the presidents and CEOs of sister sites and were paid per interview. So reports the Financial Post in an exclusive investigation into the "trove of Avid Lifes corporate emails" that were leaked , along...
Bloated All the Time? 11 Reasons Why

Always bloated? Surprising ways to flatten your belly and ease bloating fast.
What happens at a mortgage closing

On closing day, you seal the deal. It's also your last chance to make changes.
How much equity can you cash out of your home?

Homeowners considering cash-out refinances and HELOCs: Here's what you need to know.
Taking a short-term loan from your IRA

If you want to tap your individual retirement account for a loan, know the rules first.
4 Ways to Get Slim With Your Pet

Could Fido afford to lose a few pounds? And what about you? Good news: You can shed the weight together.
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Wolves Have Taken Over Chernobyl
What happens when humans abandon 1,600 square miles because of radioactivity? Wildlife runs rampant, apparently. A new study on animals in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone shows what once looked something like a wasteland is now packed with elk, roe deer, red deer, wild boar, and wolves. Researchers conducted aerial... More >
Latest News
Oregon Shooter's Mom Boasted About Guns
Laurel Harper boasted online about having guns for protection, but it was her son who turned out to be the most dangerous person in the community. In social media postings, mostly on Yahoo Answers, Christopher Harper-Mercer's mother, a nurse, doled out medical advice, as well as spoke about guns and... More >
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